Lesson 4- coroutines in hood

Future object can report whether the object is actually being completed or really done

  • It's called the promises, deferred in other languages

We looked at about awaitables in asyncio

  • coroutines

  • tasks

  • futures

On looking code implementation of coroutines, it's just simply a generator function. Learned about generators properties like next, fstate etc.

coroutine is just a normal generators, while tasks also doesn't have anything special.

The special functionality is implemented actually really in tasks, where it's calling a loop which calls one callback to another with multiple send loops

In python3, the default implementation is in C, while python implementation is there which is exactly copied in C as well.

Most common pitfall in asyncio

Forgetting await with coroutiens. Using type hinting

Holding long task, the blocking should never happen in asyncio

Network lattency in servers. When running 1000 asyncio clients, it's better handling than in other ways.

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