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Resizing an image to smaller size

Resizing images to smaller dimension to satisfy the file size or height/width requirements is something we have faced multiple times. Most of the online tools which I previously used were full of advertisments, and even required to login which is something I hated a lot. Today I learned to do this tedious job with python and it's pretty easy also.
Library used: Pillow
import os, sys
from PIL import Image
size = (720, 720)
for infile in sys.argv[1:]:
outfile = os.path.splitext(infile)[0] + f"{size[0]}.jpg"
if infile != outfile:
with as im:
im.thumbnail(size), "JPEG")
except OSError:
print("cannot create thumbnail for", infile)
Save file as and run the script with:
python3 image.jpg
Thanks to Jishnu and Rajeesh, I learned there is another tool called ImageMagick. It can also resize images, along with a ton more other cool stuff.
Try image magic, I think it is built into most distros (if not, easy to install via system package manager) and supports more than 200 formats. Easy to use as well.— Jishnu (@jishnu7) July 20, 2021
To Install ImageMagick in your debian based distro:
sudo apt install imagemagick
To resize images with height, width use the option:
convert -resize 300x720 image.jpg resized_image.jpg
You can resize also based on the quality as follows:
convert -quality 50 image.jpg resized_image.jpg