Using WITH NO EXCEPT is an intermediate SQL concept to control resource to run(damn I forgot what it was). This was introduced by Janelle Coburn during DataMishaps Nights conference.

I asked Janelle Coburn via tweet about how to learn some of the intermediate topics in SQL.

Here reply can be found here:

SQL Shack has some good stuff, I feel like so much of what I've learned is through trial and error (since I'm not a DBA but I've played one on TV sometimes). I would recommend checking out indexes, and query plans.

One last resource - I have seen Erland speak and I particularly like this article (but he has more)

As my friend@PaulAtkinsonPDXwould say, WITH (NOLOCK) isn't a good idea except for when it's a good idea so it needs to be used for a reason. There are some good talks here:


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